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Saturday, April 19, 2008

NZ Ice Cream Durian FruitFlo

Running's been OK lately even if my mileage is low. With the weather and work, my runs have been limited to an average of 6K. But over the last 8 days, I've managed to run 7. Consistency wise, that's great. I'm feeling a little tired as 3 of the runs (not counting last Sunday's race) were done at steady pace. 

For some reason, I was craving for NZ Ice Cream's Durian FruitFlo on top of a large bowl of Ice-Kacang! If you've not tried the Durian FruitFlo, just go and get it. It isn't cheap - RM12 for a large cone - but it's really flavourful! The hankering for refreshments continued while running with the RM group a while later. I was lusting for a large mug of hot Teh Tarik (milk tea)! I shall definitely treat myself to something tomorrow for all the hard work put in. Perhaps lunch at the Paddington's House of Pancakes.

Will sleep in tomorrow morning and run only in the evening.

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