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Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Far This Week

I think I'm on the mend from the flu/cold-like feeling that has been bothering me since the week after KLIM. The time spent in the office were the worst, having to endure the aircond. The thing with me was there wasn't any runny nose nor sneezing bouts. Just a general feeling of malaise. Running was furthest from my mind but luckily my stubbornness persisted and I've been running since Sunday. I benefited almost immediately from the running. I felt lighter after the first few strides and as I sweat I felt even better. I should be able to hit 50K mileage this week with the Orange Run 9K this Sunday, which is perfectly good with just 2 weeks after KLIM. Will need to keep my run today very very easy. Tomorrow is a rest day and I'll visit the PC Fair to pick up an external hard disk and speakers.
After 2 nights of going to bed at midnight due to the clearing of a few important website tasks, I should be able to sleep early tonight. BTW, do check out and click the cool Nike ad over at the RunnersMalaysia website.



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