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Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm A Posting Beast..Today

After 2 years of service, the Triax 100 (pictured below) was finally lost. I don't know where it's gone - probably dropped out of the pocket of my backpack. Since taking ownership of my Garmin 205, I've relegated the poor watch to "wear to work, wear to sleep, wear to anywhere" service. The 205 is a Rolls compared to the what the Triax can do. The sad thing is that I will not miss it. After just 6 months of purchase, the PU material around the bezel started to peel. I pre-empted further peeling by tearing the whole darn thing off and super-glueing the hinges and joints. Another down side is the mineral glass face while scratch proof is to reflective, making it hard to read the display. Read my first impression report here. If you like to get the Triax, Isetan is selling them from RM149 onwards.
In Die Hard 4.0, the villain said to John McClaine that he's as outdated as a "Timex in the digital age". Granted there are the Garmins, Polars and Suuntos out there but I've always favoured Timex as an everyday watch (I wear a chrono to work! Save the dress watches for functions!), not only because they're are light, possessing a user interface that's intuitive and logical. My Timex Sleek 50 is still working sans its Indiglo nightlight and straps (gave up replacing it after twice breaking off). It remains one of the best chronos I've ever worn. So despite the fantastic clearance by Isetan KLCC on the Triax, I still settled for the Timex, this time around the RM200 30-lap Ironman. It has nearly all the Sleek's features and tactile buttons - only difference being the 30-lap memory compared to the 50 of the Sleek.



  • hi carbo,

    It's exactly the same watch I am wearing.

    But note that you'll need to replace the battery after a year.

    By Blogger yipwt, at 5:35 PM  

  • Dr,

    I can get this TIMEX model in the range of USD19.99 to USD25.00 when there is a sale (USA). In my last trip in Aug I got one for FP ~ 50 laps one, and after conversion is abt RM110, cinya. Here the TIMEX is still way too expensive. I am still using a 30 lap one which I bought 2 yrs ago for USD19.99, cinya cheap there.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 1:13 PM  

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