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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Some Fellas Got Their Asses Whooped!

Unlike the mainstream media who unashamedly bandied pro-government lies to whomever still cared to buy their newspapers or watch their TV news, the Opposition relied on non-traditional channels to spread awareness. The Internet and Mobile technology certainly came to the fore this time around. Not only were the costs lower but the virulent nature of the Internet is such that news - be it legit or otherwise - can be easily spread to the masses. The stone-age government types have no idea what hit them. They ought to have seen the warning signs on what the Internet can do. It's capable of bringing crooks like Lingam's cohorts to public knowledge. There are also new legions of loyal fans of political blogs. Urbanites are more aware these days - heed the power of communication (done the right way) at your peril. The government did everything wrong with regards to communication, from the cheesy election songs to the outwardly display of sympathizers in the form of the Communications Minister and newscasters. Need I remind you that the Internet brought down Edison Chen and his past screws?! The dinosaurs simply had no clue - with persistence and resourcefulness the Opposition rode the Denial of Service attacks on their websites.

In the end, the pillaging pirates lost and the hopes of the people now rest with the "new breed" of thinkers. Power corrupts as they say and the Opposition winners are only human. It remains to be seen if the same shit we've seen will continue but rest assured, if the new fellas slack, we the people who put them there in the first place can also kick their asses back to stone age!



  • And got em whooped big time too! But like you said, it's high time we the people determine who we want to lead us, if the opposition fails us then come the 13th GE we'll show em who's the boss, too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:48 PM  

  • Absolutely true. they are elected by the people to serve the country and therefore should be accountable to what they do for the people.
    This is the healthy way to a strong & healthy nation.
    When will we get a runner MP in ah? Haza?
    Great! There is hope for our Malaysia!

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 9:22 PM  

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