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Monday, February 11, 2008

I've Been Slacking :(

The last 3 weeks have been quite stressful for me. It all started a few days after the GE 30K race when I was hospitalized due to an abdominal distress. Following my discharge I was embroiled in a week of intense work and of course there was the usual rush to clear as much things off my to-do list before the Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays. Finally there's the CNY travelling and holiday in the cauldron that's Penang Island. If you think it's hot in KL, you need to experience Penang weather. Having run in temps of 33C in KL, I won't be surprised if the mercury hit 37C during the week I was back on the island. The only tolerable time to run was in the early mornings. Add C2's present whiny and irritable temperament of late, which in part is due to his teething, it had been an exhausting period for me and the family. Even my usually cool Mom is distressed. And I'm considering maid assistance. For one who is really uncomfortable having an outsider living in, and on top of the horror stories revolving around the foreign maids, that thought itself is testament that the family need some domestic help. Signs are pointing to an increased responsibility at work rendering my evening runs an occasional luxury. On days that I mustered enough (most often due to an overriding need to relieve stress) energy/motivation to head out the door - once I just needed to go and I put in 11K at 9pm - my runs have been decent.

No problems speed wise (no real problems hitting 4:30 pace the last 2Ks on a couple of runs) but my stamina and endurance fitness level have seen a decline. I'm on the verge of self flagellation like what that albino character in The Da Vinci Code did to himself. My smattering of runs didn't even warrant an urgent update to my Buckeye log. With a 2-week taper plan, I'm left with only a full month's worth of training. And it needs to be a period of solid work. Hmmm... think think...

That picture of Clif Bar below? I'll write something about it after this Sunday's long run.



  • Yea... CNY week is all about 'running' around, but not in the real sense of the word.. :(

    By Blogger CapArnabBrand, at 9:29 AM  

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