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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Satisfying Weekend

My attention was focused on having enough energy for the crucial 30K on Sunday. So when it rain cats and dogs after the 7K mark of Saturday's 21K, I was delighted. The rain brings out the kid in me. It has been ages since it rained during my runs, so it was welcomed. However it wasn't ideal for Lee and DK who were both unwell and Geraldine. It meant that I could run at 6 minute pace without feeling it. My wet black tights looked like a seal's skin, glistening in the rain.

Woke up this morning with slightly sore legs - typically the pink lady drink aka Endurox wouldn't taken care of any aches but I think the cold and wet weather had something to do with it. Thanks to Geraldine, I didn't have any temptations to sleep in. After the usual prepping, we started our run at 5:30am. Early signs already pointed to a dry and hot day and we felt it from 8am onwards. To ensure we covered 30K or more, we did a total of 3 loops around Petronas and took the Matrade detour. Hydration was a can of Gatorade, a can of Red Bull and a can of Root Beer! Pre-race fueling included a small cup of black coffee (staying away from dairy produce) and 3/4 of a Clif Bar. No gels were taken to maximize their effect on race day. Aim was to run a conservative workout with the last 5-6K on marathon pace to simulate race days conditions.

There were so many runners out there today including many recently anointed Ironmen. Even the fast runners were out there. To cut a long story short, it was a good weekend - total logged for Sat and Sun are 52K. Next week beckons.



  • ur target shud now be at least sub 4'15" for KLIM08 if not sub4

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 6:41 PM  

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