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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lack Of Sleep (Retrospective Post)

Not from romping between the sheets. Nor from surfing the Internet for the latest juicy news on the elections. Not from planning my runs either. But watching Run Fatboy Run, a mildly funny (well, maybe I was too sleepy) comedy featuring a roundish Simon Pegg, who besides chasing after shoplifters of bra and panties are having some major problems with commitments. He ditched his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, is a bad role model for his son among other things. I've been a fan of Pegg since his days as a slacker in the zombie comedy Shaun of The Dead and as an overachieving copper in Hot Fuzz. To prove that he deserves some respect and to regain some semblence of personal dignity, he enters himself into the Nike River Marathon.

Some moments are funny enough but most are cliched - the token Indian migrant, the kid who's torn between 2 male role models, a slacker, Brits hooked on gambling, a best friend who's not fond of wearing pants and underwear.

The funny scenes include the usage of a spatula as a motivational tool, popping of a gargantuan blister and the overzealous usage of dusting powder in the crotch region.

Of course as runners you'd be interested how running is portrayed. Well, everything we can relate to the sport such as waking up early to run, the craziness of marathoners, carbo loading, spinning as cross-training, running for charity, chafing and hitting the wall (literally!). There are also gratituous Nike product placement right from the event banners, vests, gym apparels, shoes, shoes and shoes. That's too much I think. You don't need that many scenes to popularize a brand. Take Back To The Future 2 for example. Every kid wanted that high cut Nike shoes which Marty McFly wore and yet there was only a scene that featured it.

This movie is directed by David Schwimmer of Friends fame. And am I so sleepy today.



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