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Monday, February 18, 2008

Rojak Ramblings

Running Celeb

Lance Armstrong will seek to add a Boston Marathon medal to his 2 NYC Marathon's this April 21st. Being a strong on the hills, Boston should suit him as well. Whether he can beat his PR of 2:46:43 is another question. The pounding over the rolling hills will certainly test your quads and hams. Of course my favourite podcaster
Steve Runner will also be racing that historical route.

Running Politicians

Besides Armstrong, US Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will also be toeing the line for his 5th marathon. His 2006 4:26.05 PR is a tad faster than mine achieved in the same year. Read a fellow runner's take on the US Presidential candidates
here. By the way Bush's PR is 3:44.52 ('93 Houston Marathon) and Jonathan Edwards' (just dropped out of the Presidential race) PR is a 3:30.18 in the '83 Marine Corps Marathon! Our own politicians here? Ask them about Senamrobics and Golf la! Other than that, they're busy making fools of themselves in the eyes of the world - check the video out below:

No Headphones

More and more races in the US are beginning to enforce the
No Headphones ruling. That's the official logo below. This controversial move, in compliance with the USATF ruling, didn't go down well with a few runners there. Although I understand that running with headphones on on training runs are certainly dangerous, totally banning from races are quite unnecessary. Afterall, the course is closed. The only "dangers" I see are from fellow runners especially when approaching aid/water stations or the listener couldn't hear instructions or orders to move aside either for passing runners or ambulances. According to the NYC Marathon 's website, the NYRR are also discouraging the use of headphones as well. Let me tell you this. If I'm running a race, especially in a place like NYC or any other overseas races, you won't find me with an MP3 player. I'd rather enjoy all the experiences I can soak in - the sight, smell and sound. Give me all of it! You can read about public opinions about this by just Googling "usatf no headphones ruling".

Running Fella's Update

Ummm... that would be me. There are just 6 weeks, 4 if you exclude the 2-week taper, to go to race day. Time really flies. With 3 wasted weeks, my confidence level isn't too high. I'm disappointed with the spikes and dips in the mileage. But there's now a sense of urgency to get the weekly mileage up and really long runs in. The series of long runs began last Sunday with a 25K and will be extended this weekend, so it'll be timely to try out gear and fueling strategies. Since 90% of these long runs will be at an easy pace, I'll be out there for close to 3.5 hours. Have a good week of running!

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  • just look at the physique of all our ministers, well feed like a chicken ready for slaughter. Body all round round, stomach blotting out....and you ask them to run a marathon. i just wander who will be the first minister in Malaysia that will run a 21k let alone have the guts to run a marathon. Lets start with the Sports Ministry first, cinya!!!

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 9:34 AM  

  • Malaysia has tons of killer foods...roti canai, nasi lemak (fatty rice is it not?), fast food, teh tarik, and everything dumped in lemak santan.

    And yet, the most of our politicians are willing to do is senamrobik for the sake of mingling with rakyat.

    Come on, get your a** off and do at least a decent jog.

    By Blogger yipwt, at 3:28 PM  

  • If I'm not mistaken the only politician who's ever run a marathon is Datuk Shahrir Samad. he was first patron of PACM. It'd be nice and exemplary if others can be named too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:47 AM  

  • Haza, yes and thx for reminding. Datuk Shahrir was the Datuk Bandar for WP at that time. Now I remember running with him during the Labuan 1/2 marathon many moons ago.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 1:43 PM  

  • Wah 3 weeks down time during a marathon build up does not sound too good. Go easy for the next few weeks to avoid a burn out at the 32k point in race day.

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 5:47 AM  

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