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Friday, February 29, 2008

Testing Weekend

15 days to tapering. With that in mind, my workouts are skewed more towards quality than quantity. If I learned anything from this cycle of marathon training, it's that I'm no longer as young as before. That's not to say I'm that old! You know what I mean!

Muscle recovery is good. My neuro-muscular setup can still handle back to back tempos and long runs but a week later my body system will let me know that they need to shut down. And that's in the form of sluggish workouts and extreme sleepiness. When that feeling hits, like just this Wednesday when I shuffled to a torturous 6.6K death march, I decided to take yesterday off. I'm also not running today to save my body and legs for Saturday and Sunday. I believe coming through this weekend will more than make up for today's rest in that it's simulating prolonged stressing of the system. To me missing the odd days won't hit me so much. All the confidence at this stage will come from the key workouts such as the back to backs, and weekend long runs.

Here's to a great wrap up to months of hard work and sacrifice, starting this weekend. Tapering calls for specific workouts and I look forward to that. Have a great weekend!



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