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Sunday, February 24, 2008

20 Days To Tapering!

Only 20 days to tapering! Slightly more than a month separate training and race day! This morning's 30K was something I really needed to get in. I was glad that I decided against running the Circuit Run totally. Tackling the hilly route at my own pace in the later miles, I was able to stay focused and engaged myself in some mental exercises. Lawrence, Loke and I set off at 6am and it appeared even then that the weather was going to be cooperative. If the sun comes out at 7:30am, I was in for a bake.

Starting at 6am has more advantages this morning:- I was able to sleep a bit longer and there wasn't any rush down to Lake Gardens. I munched a Clif Bar and hydrated sufficiently before the run- The gas station will have open so I didn't have to carry water- Not running the Circuit Run meant that I need not run faster than I'd like to just to make it back in time to- I found out that the Circuit Run course included running the Carcosa route repeatedly. Not that I don't like that hilly stretch but I'd take an out and back course over loops.- I saved my knees from being pummelled by the concrete surface around the lake.

From the outset, the pace was going to be a little faster than what I wanted to do. My plan was to hit 6:30 until 25K and then see what I still have left. With Loke pushing the pace, I was contented to bring up the rear about 250m behind. I had RM10 tucked into my tights for drinks, so I didn't need to carry any fluids. Reached Hartamas in about 1:05 and I did the loop around the station. We continued on back towards the IRB building at a faster pace and while Lawrence and Loke went their way, I took a loop around the building and headed back to Hartamas. Running this route at the peak of marathon training is always a great experience for me. Seeing the runners traversing that route always seem to encourage and motivate me along. A surprise character that I met was Yaziz, who wagged his finger and admonished me to pick up my training. I have been training, old fella, just that I'm no longer a regular at Ronnie's shoutbox and am just occassionally updating my blog. Nevertheless, it was a timely reminder from him. It's always great to see him, Uncle Hooi, Kenny, Kit, Ang along the way.

I intended to make the full 30K distance this morning. That meant not sticking to just the traditional Bukit Aman-Hartamas route. To make up for the distance, I covered parts of Sri Hartamas after the park turn off, made sure I did the loops around the gas station and I also veered into the Matrade road. Having the 205 has kept my training honest. You just can't lie and second guess yourself when the GPS tells you that you've only done 22K when your body felt like 25K. Whatever it is you've got to make sure the distance is accurate else you could be kidding yourselves.

John came riding up Kenny Hills and gave me a very simple yet timely boost - "You did it! You've got your 30K!". Yup, I did it alone hammering the miles after 14K yet not alone in spirit! The last 5K was at marathon pace or thereabouts. Got back to the car park, quickly mixed some Endurox and refueled. Felt really great.

When showering at the public toilet, I noticed a large patch of blood on my briefs. I won't share the graphic details with you but the blood wasn't from my vital appendages! Obviously some chafing had occurred, but I didn't feel it.

2 more weeks of hard training!

7:01 > 6:41 > 6:38 > 6:21 > 6:15 > 6:41 > 6:14 > 6:13 > 5:50 > 6:06 > 6:07 > 6:09 > 5:46 > 6:01 > 5:59 > 5:58 > 6:00 > 5:52 > 6:03 > 5:52 > 6:03 > 5:51 > 6:01 > 6:27 > 6:01 > 6:16 > 5:55 > 5:49 > 5:30 > 5:31 > 5:45



  • Chafing.. oohh... I remember that. Esp my FIRST ever race, PJ Half (did 10K), chafing AND bleeding began halfway through the race. Man.. when I got home to shower... wah liao....

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 11:20 PM  

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