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Monday, March 10, 2008

Perfect Weekend, Almost

It's 7 days to tapering. Wow! The weeks are simply flying. OK, it's not 7 days to race day but still, I'm very much looking forward to tapering.  Mileage will be reduced but not drastically. I'm approaching this tapering slightly differently, so I'll see what level this gets me to. 

I'm not there yet in terms of race readiness and neither do I want to be just yet. I'm a little tired from the last 4 weeks of training and some self doubts pop up now and then on whether all these training will be sufficient come race day. Having said that, I don't have any race goals and I don't think at this point I'd even want to consider pacing strategies. I'm assuring myself that I'd be primed once I'm rested. I want to start the race fully rested, focused and confident. 

Other than the tiredness, my training has been well. I'm ensuring that I take my supplements and extra protein (a couple of times a week) on top of Endurox.

The other good thing is that I've finally changed to the Mac after umpteen years of PC-bound. The Mac is definitely more expensive at nearly twice the price of a PC. But I've just had it with the Windows platform what with the endless risks from malware, trojans, viruses and what have you. Don't get me started on the tedious and painful maintenance work such running defrag, registry cleanup, long setup and installation and tons of crapware out there in the market. The Mac comes fully loaded - really there's no need to add any software should you choose (contrast that to the PC where it not only comes with confusing OS versions, you can't run productivity tools out of the box). Once the owner and user preferences are setup (5 minutes total), I was ready to go. Another 5 minutes later, my Palm TX and SE750i were connected via Bluetooth to the Mac. Then my Wi-Fi (the Mac is connected wirelessly - no need for a USB dongle) was setup as was the email client. Same goes for my Forerunner 205 and iPod. Very easy. I'm now in the process of migrating my docs, photos and music collection. Am also exploring some ways to move my mail messages from my Dell's Outlook and synching my Palm TX's data and contact list. Only last night, I had a whale of a time playing with the remote control viewing an automatically created slideshow of photos. Once everything's completed, C1 shall inherit the battered Dell notebook for his educational games while the cloned desktop shall be donated to a charity home. I can then devote my time to the Mac to come up with some movie or photo projects. 

So, running's been good, I migrated to Mac, the people finally unite and made their presence felt, so what went wrong? MUFC lost. One can't have it all, I guess!



  • FINALLY!!!


    YES, it's slightly more expensive, but worth every FRICKin' penny!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We're running kaki's and Mac kakis!! Yeehaaa...

    Which one did you get, man?

    Tried out my RS200 for one run.. very nice HRM, man. MOre features and more powerful than my last one, the S120. Will use it more and will write a review soon. Only drag is that Polar still don't make their Weblink software for Mac yet! So I have to enter data manually.


    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 2:09 PM  

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