p pol The Adventures of Carboman: 2 Persistent B@st@rds

Monday, December 10, 2007

2 Persistent B@st@rds

Ran in wet weather yesterday and after rounding a bend at the park, I saw a fella trying very hard to light his cancer stick, in the rain. A thought immediately ran thru my mind - that the 2 of us were simply persistent
b@st@rds! And I don't mean that in derogatory terms. Afterall, how can I call myself one?! But look, there were no one else except the nicotine addict and adrenaline junkie out there doing what we were doing. While that fella was probably cursing the rain, I was enjoying it. Only the appearance of Ronnie added to the "crowd".

The photos above were taken on last Friday's department dinner at Shangri-La Hotel's Lemon Garden Cafe. It was an expensive affair at RM110++ per head. Food was average and in my opinion inferior to the spread offered by Jogoya Restaurant. It was a fun outing though.

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