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Friday, November 09, 2007

Uh oh! Here we go again!

You know it's coming when you find yourself out on the roads in the dark cold rainy morning. "It" being marathon training. After exchanging SMSes my partner-in-crime and I decided that the rain had subsided enough to run. I had downed a cup of oats with Milo (alternative to the more expensive Carman cereal bars) and was fidgeting with the phone on my sofa. All my race gear are packed and as it was chilly, I had the newly purchased Mizuno long-sleeved top, well, on top of my Nike t-shirt. The intensity of the rain was consistent
When I got to the carpark, I saw KP Tan and CB Leow in their cars, both as if thinking that it was a bad idea to have gotten out of bed. Soon after CB came out with an umbrella. Told them it's only water, and there's no reason not to run since we were all there. Prepped up and slowly jogged into the cold morning. I had my ClimaFIT cap on and it helped a lot. Not as much heat was lost through my head in the cold temps that way. The trudge up the double hill was typically challenging but the body warmed up by the time we reached the top. Then it became the case of enjoying the 2nd half of the run better than the first. The Carcosa and Deer Park uphills didn't really bother much, though it was during these stretches that the splits slower as you can see from the timing below. We had to negotiate past anglers prepping for a fishing competition around the lake. The folks had camped overnight to get choicest spots. I bet they were cursing the weather. They were in their raincoats, so they shouldn't really complain - I was soaked through to my microfibre briefs. But then I've got the runner's high.
It got better when we got back to the car park. After a quick change into a dry top, and a mug of hot coffee in hand, I was dreaming of a runner's lifestyle. Only the divebombing mozzies threatened to ruin the fantasy. I've got 15K in on a morning when most were still in bed. What a way to start the day.
Distance: 15K | Timing: 1:29:33 | Average Pace: 5:58
KM Splits: 6:33 > 6:28 > 6:13 > 5:48 > 6:19 > 6:06 > 5:57 > 5:57 > 5:49 > 5:53 > 6:21 > 6:15 > 5:56 > 6:07 > 5:46.
Today is an enforced rest day.



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