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Monday, November 12, 2007

Eat, Eat, Eat

My mileage right now is barely half of what Nurotevil used to do, yet I'm feeling hungry ever so often. A good thing that I'm not a heavy eater, else I could very well be over-eating. What I do instead is to snack periodically. Oat crunchies, 5 large tablespoons of oatmeal stirred into a mug of Milo (a teaspoon of Milo just for colour and taste, a teaspoon of sugar, no creamer), the occasional peanut butter sandwich. After my run this morning, I felt incredibly hungry and being in between breakfast and lunchtime, I had no choices for "appropriate" food. So I hopped into Pelita for a plate of Maggi goreng and a roti kosong. I washed all that down with a glass of iced coffee. 1.5 hours later I was at it again, stuffing 4 large slices of turkey sandwich with a mug of oats.
I'm also trying to inculcate the habit of drinking. I'm now at 2 cups of coffee a day, both in the mornings. Any coffee or tea after 12pm, will render me insomniac. Right now I'm sipping chilled rosemary herbal tea in a 1-litre Rubbermaid chug bottle.
My bowel movement have been good - twice a day. My legs still feel good but right now, I'm feeling a tad tired. I'm yawning away at work and my mind hardly in the right frame to concentrate. I need to nap but that's impossible. Could it be that my body is adjusting to the stresses of training, and all these are side effects?
I'll go to bed early tonight, right after CSI New York. I usually don't reach home early enough to catch it but I'll make a conscious effort to leave office on the dot this evening. Tonight's episode [synopsis here] deals with a death during the NYC Marathon! So, runners, be sure to catch it!


  • Fuyoh now I only know you weigh 56kg nia. Should line you up together with those world class elite runners.
    Yup, you need to eat lots especially when you hit the long runs. Pity I don't run like elite but I eat like one though...

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 3:08 AM  

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