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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 1 Base Phase

Thus ended the first of many many weeks of my marathon training. I came up 3K short of my week's target mileage but what I went through provided much needed encouragement that I can handle the workouts. Provision: I must maintain pace and workout discipline. Do only as stated in the program and let me not be tempted to run too fast. Leave that for the speed workouts and race day.

This morning's run started at 6:20am and besides 2 roadkills (including a chicken which tried to cross the road), I saw an elderly lady jogging along the road but just before reaching her with intention to wish her a good morning, she turned into a slip road into a village. It's unusual to see runners where I stay, and especially along this remote road and to come across one in the form of a old folk was a pleasant surprise.

I also ran past a group of foreign workers with every fast-twitch muscle in my body at the ready to kick into action should they try anything intimidating.

I need to be at work from 12pm to 6pm today but will munch and snack whenever I can. More calories are needed to sustain my workouts and having enough carbs storage also will go towards preventing illness. Yup, I'm still eating the multis, fish oil and C.

Week Summary

Runs: 6

Avg. Time: 00:56:51

Total Time: 05:41:10

Avg. Speed: 10.0 KMPH

Avg. KM Pace: 5:59

Avg. Dist.: 9.5 KM

Total Dist.: 57.0 KM

Weight: 56kg



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