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Friday, August 24, 2007

On A High

The Thursday was great. Even as I laced up my shoes, I felt the pent up energy inside. It was going to be a good run. The skies were grey and tracks wet from the earlier downpour and it didn't seem that the sun will reappear. After starting up the 205, I turned off the pace alerts as I didn't want to be locked into an unrealistic pace. I felt that I didn't need to be too confined to so many parameters, at least not yet. All the laps were at LT pace and I was cruising quite comfortably until the section of the bridge when I realized that I was being tailed. The Caucasian pulled up next to me and I thought he hung next to me for a few seconds as if to invite me to catch him, and then took off. I was running negative splits with every K and all I needed to do was to increase my pace slightly to try to draw close. After 100m, I realized I won't be able to pass or even draw near this fellow. Even when he slowed down at the top of the climb, and my legs were cycling furiously and climbing quickly, I wasn't able to. He was going at a very brisk pace. I noticed he was wearing a nice white Under Armour long top (like the one below), a brown cap with an iPod Shuffle clipped to its back, a worned out Pegasus Trail and a green-yellow shorts like the one Lance Armstrong wore. Anyways I covered the final K below 5 minutes and when I finished, I was on a high. Hadn't felt that in a long while. Am looking forward to the Saturday Double Hill and Sunday's exploratory run.



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