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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rehab Started

My blogging has been rather slow as my attention is presently diverted to a few other areas outside my regular work. I've also started on my rehab program, trying to string together a series of short runs. This is an opportune time as both my kids are back in Penang for 2 weeks as my Mom has to attend to my brother's recovery from a mild infection of his recent surgical wound.  Plus with the regional auditors in town, we're encouraged to leave the office early. The house has been quiet with the kids gone and it's somehow different. While we gain back our freedom and privacy, we miss having the kids around. Working life takes so much out of us - rushing here and there, commuting to work, and when there's a sliver of time, it's time for bed. We have no time for each other so much so a simple act of watching TV together is quite impossible. So these couple of weeks will see us getting back to basics, maybe go for a massage together, catch a movie (thinking of The Simpsons) and try out one or two restaurants out there. And of course there's some running to get back to as you never know when you need to call upon those miles logged.


  • Man, I could relate to how you feel at times!

    Having some downtime, and having to go thru running "rehab"... it's like a beacon to tell you, "slow down.. let's regroup and start over". Of course, when the running starts, just have to deal with not running at that peak capacity like when we're training for a race. But it's a great time to get our thoughts together.

    Even for me, I need a "quickie break" from my work (which I enjoy very much, but still need time-off once in a while), and running is the best remedy for it! But if I can't get it... man...

    Enjoy your rehab :)

    btw, I've booked my ticket for early September. But it's still early to say whether I'll leave at that date, depending on how my application goes come mid-aug.

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 11:56 AM  

  • Enjoy your blessings as they come. With life around the kids, parents can sometimes lose their orientation when they are absent.

    Remember this Mark Twain quote:
    Children need your presence
    Not your presents

    When we are old, we will tell them that exactly.

    By Anonymous G, at 6:47 PM  

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