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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's Happening Lately

Die Hard 4.0
Though disappointed with the 3rd installment, I've always been a fan of the Die Hard series. The 2nd part to me was the best with McClane's witty one-liners. The 4th, which I watched yesterday, wasn't too bad either, if you can suspend belief for 2 hours. I usually don't bother remembering or writing down such details. When we go for such movies, they should largely just be taken as entertainment. Don't think too much and just enjoy the mayhem and body count. *Spoilers ahead*
1) McClane doesn't run out of spare magazines
2) McClane is shrapnel-resistant, have bones and regenerative properties like the Wolverine's
3) It's normal protocol for fighters to fly CAP (combat air patrol) without at least another wingman
4) No secondary authentication is needed to go weapons-free, even if it means firing at a vehicle in a crowded expressway
5) The FBI, CIA, NSA, etc... fellas are pretty dumb and spend their time looking perplexed with bunched up eyebrows
6) Everyone believes that the Capitol Building is blown up on TV even though they're just nearby the building and there's no sound of a mega-explosion
7) McClane is proficient in all modes of transportation - he can drive rig trailers, fly choppers. If situation calls for it, he can probably take off on a nuclear sub too. And launch an ICBM or Tomahawk missile in the process.
8) Men can fall 20 feet and not break a single bone
9) The F-35B (vertical take-off version) are already in active duty. Sidenote: The F-35B is slated to replace the ageing Harrier and only in pre-Production phase.
But as with the Transformers, I enjoyed the movie nevertheless!
Nothing much happening in this area. Which can only mean 1 thing, I'm getting weaker by the day! As a matter of fact, I'm battling a sinus infection at this moment. The whole family was down and while the rest are nearly recovered, I'm getting it big time. It's like everyone's virus have attacked me in one go. The daily wet weather isn't helping either as it's making recovery longer. This is what happens when I'm off-training. I've made a mental note to speak to my office and home bosses that there's no way I'm not maintaining a consistent low-key training plan going forward. It's for my health dammit! Either that or get used to seeing more of a sick me! Incidentally a few colleagues are also hit pretty badly with similar afflictions. Things will change as soon as I get over this dang sickness.


  • Carboman,
    Please contact me privately about your friend Terence. I am the step-father of Terence's nieces and nephew in the US, and I just read the news. I am deeply sorry for yours and his family's loss.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:17 AM  

  • I love that movie too. Bruce Willis rocks! Heheh!

    By Blogger RunWitMe, at 6:53 PM  

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