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Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturdays Are Best

Since I'm currently not in training for any race, my weekly mileage has been quite pathetic. Having said that, I've been ensuring that whatever runs I get in are of some quality. They're a mix of easy runs, 5K tempos on weekdays and longer steady-to-tempo runs on Saturdays. On the Saturday runs, I usually throw in a couple of surges for a good mix and I nearly always end my runs on a fast pace.

The KLCC Park is seeing a good crowd these days. There are still some regulars, walkers and joggers. The new joggers, I suspect, are part of a company's weekly fitness program. While their intentions are laudable, I hope they will sustain their healthy activity by jogging 3 times a week, and extend their newly acquired interest to other aspects of their lives such as quit smoking and eat healthily.

On a side note, I will certainly be doing some mucho eating tomorrow. Our department will be hosting a farewell lunch for one of our colleague and one of our bosses, and this time we will be hitting the Saisaki Japanese Restaurant to partake in their spread of sashimi, teriyaki, teppanyaki and sushi. Yup, it's a buffet lunch and I shall eat a light breakfast tomorrow. Hopefully we won't be experiencing the bad service that some reviewers have written about. [check this site for a food review]. We should be done by 2:15pm and that's not all. The same evening will see a party at the Corus Hotel where we send off (with glee??) 2 senior managers of the bank. 1 is retiring while the other is the same boss we will be treating the Jap lunch to. Plenty of eating but I think I will skip the party-dinner. There's only so much my stomach can take.

It should be an interesting Tuesday with these diversions from the usual stress at work. I can't even write coherently these days!

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