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Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 Days Of Intense Workouts

It all started with the usual Saturday Double Hill Run with Geraldine and Kenneth. With an average of 4 runs a week, all of these opportunities are quality workouts. Below is the route covered seen from top-down. Once cleared of the hills, I finished off the run at LT pace. LT = comfortably hard. Click to view larger picture.
Analyses of the run
Then it was the warmdown routine around the lake. But for variety, we ended the run via the Deer Park way.
You can see that the pace was easy in anticipation of Sunday's run. See below.

We left for Bukit Tinggi (some 2,230 feet above sea level) for a getaway the moment I got home from the Saturday run, in conjunction with Carbo Woman's department team building activity. We decided to tag along since we've not been there and thought a visit to the Colmar Tropicale (French themed show village) should be able to provide a refreshing change of environs. As it turned out, it wasn't really cold but the air was fresh - ideal to put in a high altitude, hill run. It's just 5K but it was one tough run. Think twice more difficult than Double Hill with several stretches at 10 percent gradient. There was just a short 40m flat, there rest a quad-busting climb up. The 5K was the out and back distance from the golf resort to the guard house of Colmar.

The highest point I climbed to was close to 760m above sea level. Of course that was still way way off what this amazing chap achieved. But it was a great running weekend! Will post some photos soon!

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