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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Having Kim for company this morning was great since many of Choi's Saturday group were unavailable. And it got better when LiSar's car pulled up. After handing over the CordyMax to DK, we set off into the dark cool morning. We coasted along until near the Selangor Properties apartments in 29 mins and turned back. The return trip took 26 mins and change. Reached the car park in 55:44 and still had time. On LiSar's suggestion, we went a little bit more via the Deer Park loop. After the photoshoot by the Star as promotion for the upcoming Kiwanis Charity Fun Run, the Beginner's Group set off - we had a good crowd this morning, including a few newbies (one of which is Rohaizad's colleague in Petronas). I took the 3K run as a warm down. DK was doing the lake loops to cover 25K.
Reached home and after showering and a mug of oats, went off the usual Saturday marketing at Tesco with Carbowoman and C1. Before heading home, we detoured to King's Bakery to order C1's birthday cake (he turns 4 next Sunday) for him to bring to his pre-school. C1 picked a chocolate cake, then headed to play at the indoor playground. He ran around for 45 mins (excellent cardio workout for him) and now he's asleep on the sofa. Me? I've got to vacuum the house and do a little mopping before catching a nap. Will do some stretching before sleeping early. Tomorrow's menu calls for a 25K which I'll start at 5:30am. By that time I should know the score of the FA Cup Semis match between Man United and Watford. Good luck boys!


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