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Friday, April 06, 2007

Training Log

Further to my previous post on the training log website Buckeyeoutdoors.com, I've logged down my workouts since beginning of April. Going forward, I'll be posting lesser on the training specifics unless there are some noteworthy happenings or developments in that area. Worry not, this blog remains very running-centric. I've made my log public so if you select Carboman (no surprises here), you'll be able to see what I've been up to. An interesting thing is that a few Pacemakers and other running friends have also started logging their sessions here. I'm not wrong to say that, even these fellas won't admit it, there's now some pressure on us not to miss workouts! This week is the final honeymoon week as far as my training goes. I've managed to put in a quality string of workouts. Even though there were some disruptions along the way and I never did go beyond 20K (yet) with the exception of KLIM, the quality have been there. I'm working harder, sacrificing more but the ACTUAL work is yet to start. There are 11 weeks to go, not counting this week, so the quest for longer runs will start next week.

I reviewed my training program and decided to tweak it a little by incorporating the sensibilities of the traditional plans (such as Glover and Higdon's) with the Hanson's. The Hanson program are a little radical but makes sense as well. Overall, my plan calls for consistencies and toughness. If I can last 1 to 2 weeks of this hybrid program, I'll be able to get through the remaining 11 weeks. We'll see....

On our way home, I saw 3 Mercedes' which had broken down by the roadside. They're not old models mind you. I spotted a C280, E200 Masterpiece, and another C. Perhaps it's the F1 thing, but everywhere I look, there seem to be a BMW or Mercedes (ok, or Honda too)! Yup, there are plenty of rich people in KL. Oh yeah, I also passed a couple of idiots who were twiddling with their cell phones while hogging the middle lane. May you - sigh - I don't wanna say it.

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  • Thanks for being such a wonderful running light at the front! Thanks & salute!
    Yup,we will follow you closely and continue to reap maximum benefits from you if you don't mind.Others may have to pay for such invaluable insights and tips that you provide here for free through all your hard labour!
    (Just imagine the thickness of that book - lore of running!)
    Hey, thanks again man!

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 12:53 AM  

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