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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cool Online Training Log

I wanted to try out the Buckeyeoutdoors.com training log which I saw at the steverunner.com website. I think short of a client-based application, this has to be the most comprehensive one of all. It tracks training, shoe mileage, allows for the customization of equipment, routes and workouts. It also allows the user to specify the viewing rights of the log besides providing email alerts to your inbox as reminder of your training schedule. Sounds good? Then go to the link above and check it out.


  • Hi,
    I kept my training log on A4 exercise papers for years and now find it difficult (lazy) to compile them into the computer.
    This sure comes as good news to me, will go there and find out.
    Hey! Thanks!

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 6:23 PM  

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