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Monday, April 09, 2007

Of Self Admonishment And Hope

I'm about to do something drastic today. Forced upon by the circumstances of waking early and sacrificing rest and subsequently quality time with the family. I want to train and run with a free conscience. I race the best when I have no worries about the family ie can my wife and Mom cope with the 2 kids at home? Are the laundry done? Are the week's grocery shopping done? Have I completed my follow-ups at work? I can't free myself from the shackles of guilt if I'm constantly having to go to bed early. Case in point. Halfway through my second run yesterday, the thought about not taking my son out for his biking haunted my mind. The weather was sunny after a late afternoon shower and it'll be very selfish of me to not bring him out. Afterall, I've done my workout in the morning even though I didn't meet my mileage. Entirely my fault as I woke up late and by the time I managed my 12K, it was time to rush to the market. The menu called for an 8K easy-moderate run but after 4K I decided to stop it. My son shouldn't have to suffer for my training intensity. When I got home, he was unfortunately showered and dressed in his PJs. I'd missed my window of opportunity and I regret that. I hope that I can learn from this lesson and from this self-admonishment. My quest to manage my already packed schedule continues.

If marathon training is already so tough on the athlete's time and energy, I don't believe that a person (non-professional athlete, have a family and full-time job) can still train well, or the best he/she can, without omitting (I abstain from using the harsher word "neglecting") some duties/responsibilities. Something has got to give - we can't have it all. I've only a certain period in time when I can continue to enjoy the joys and pains of the kids' early lives and once missed, there's no way of reclaiming those moments.

I'm going to leave now for lunch and do that drastic deed. The fire hasn't dimmed a bit... FO rthose who want to skip the above subject, here are some running articles to whet your appetite.

Early Rising Better Racing. The article's points apply for racing but I wonder if it does the same for training (reference is made to my 5am runs but going forward it should no longer matter)

Check out Dathan Ritzenhein's debut marathon training program. After reading through the article, I know that I've all the strength-building elements (short, explosive hill climbs, longer hill climbs, tempo and hard progression runs) built into my program. Of course, I can't be expected to emulate the mileage and intensity. but still the final piece awaits...

Cool tat on Ritzenhein's calf

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  • What ever you have done it can never be too drastic if it is for your family. Did I just interpeted correctly that you are going for a lunchtime run? If I had, then go for it man!

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 1:21 PM  

  • carboman- yeah, lunchtime runs will be a bit hot, plus there's the rush of changing your clothes, showering (will u do that?) and the heat to contend with. it will be a stressful one hour, unless you have more than one hour. good luck! ;)

    By Blogger pm19, at 4:37 PM  

  • Yes isn't it tough? This is one tough balancing act that all running husbands & fathers will have to juggle, a rather difficult one indeed to put family,work,training,food and rest together!
    For me,I choose the route just outside my house so I don't have to go far.
    I limit myself 4 runs a week during non marathoon preparation period and will do 5 in the ealy stage and peak out at 6 later.
    In the weekdays,I either run before the kids wake up in the morning or at 3pm so I would be home in time to fetch them from school at 4:30pm.( I have the choice to do the 3pm run because it's not too hot over here but I don't think its wise to do in Malaysia unless you do it on a teadmill in a gym!)
    I run long on Saturday and that is the only day when the kids may not see me for a good few hours.If weather permits then, they will be on their mountain bikes to keep me company for the 1st two hours.
    Hmm... things we do for our family,but its well worth it.
    By the way,FYI, Harris and Florence are on Buckeye!!!

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 10:37 PM  

  • Dr what time does your son go to bed? I suppose I still manage to run at nights because he goes to bed at midnight with both my wife and I.. bad habit being passed on I suppose.

    So anyway I spend time with him between 10pm till he sleeps as most of my runs are finished by 9pm unless it rains. Everyone gets enough sleep as we only wake up at 7.30am (so fortunate) while Nick wakes up at 9am.

    He also gets at least an hours nap or more in the afternoon, so it keeps him going throughout the day. This would have to change once he starts school!

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 12:31 PM  

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