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Saturday, April 07, 2007

C2's 3 Months Old Today

Had a good day today. After the 6am run with DK, Captain Lee and Wong (the pace was easy but I wasn't really awake until the 3rd K), I conducted the Beginner's Group with Wan. I'm proud to say that the we now see consistently over 10 participants, sometimes 20 (most are regulars) for the Saturday's Beginners Group. May of these runners have begun actively participating in local races as well. We have 5 who ran the KLIM 10K, 6 who did the 21K. I expect the numbers to rise and we hope this program gets larger as word spreads. Another good thing is that through our contacts with shoe dealers, the newbies are also wearing the correct footwear procured with good discounts of course. We are getting many of the runners to participate in May's Kiwanis Charity Fun Run in support of its Downs Syndrome Center. The technical T-Shirt that comes with the RM30 donation looks good and I urge you to support by buying one even if you're going to be running the NB 15K on that same morning.

After the morning run, I had a quick shower and zoomed home to pick the family up to go to the pediatrician for C2's scheduled jab and checkup. The doctor's happy with his development progress and the next visit will be in June. C2 surprisingly didn't bawl when the needle penetrated his butt cheek. We then dropped by the adjacent Sunway Pyramid mall for a walkabout. The mall is currently undergoing a massive renovation and it's not a nice place to visit while all the work is going on. It's difficult to find parking due to closed sections and it's not baby and stroller friendly at this moment.

We left the place at 2pm for Marco's Pizza for a late lunch. It was excellent and I wolfed down a delicious pasta meal, 4 slices of pane, 2 slices of pizza all washed down with ice mocha. Late afternoon was spent in front of the TV, a rare thing these days for me. Watched Blood Diamond on DVD, which was excellent. I'd been a fan of Ed Zwick's movies and this one is well balanced. Leo DiCaprio put in a good performance too.

It's coming to 10pm and I should be knocking off soon. My eyelids are getting darn heavy. Gotta get a good rest for tomorrow's challenge and marketing and to clear some household chores.


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