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Monday, April 02, 2007

I Need To Eat More

I weigh myself everyday and since a couple of weeks back the needle has been hovering between 57 to 58kgs (125 to 127lbs), in my birthday suit. That was down from 60kgs (132lbs) when Carbokid2 was born in January, before the week-long return to running over the Chinese New Year holidays. While I've not started on real mileage work, the intensity of my runs have typically been higher than usual for my marathon training. Many of the runs these days are done at around my KLIM'06 marathon pace. And I finish off nearly all my runs at sub 6-minute pace. A few times would see me charging up a short hill to end the particular workout - call that ending with a flourish :)
Now comes the thing. I've a deep suspicion that my food intake has not been sufficient. Though my weight has remained stable and I've not skipped meals, I noticed that my energy levels have waned slightly. It could be rest that I need, or more food, or BOTH! Since I've been ultra conscious about my rest, so I think it's the food/calorie intake. I need to eat more (healthy, high-energy stuff of course), add some snacking (alternating energy bars with oats) into my daily eating plan.
Since we're on the subject of eating, head on to ILOVEPASTA.ORG and ALLRECIPES.COM for some delicious (I'm imagining) recipes. Bon Apetit! 


  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!
    I've just posted a page on Super charging Food!

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