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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thigh Burn & Status Check

With 3 more days to wrap up the week, all workouts are becoming important. That's because my training program calls for gradual buildups from Tuesday leading to crazy Sunday. Mondays are rest days. Completing this week should move the confidence up for the next 10 weeks.

My diet has been good and the needle on the scales is staying put at 57.5kg. Been hydrating well too.

I've so far rotated a couple of pairs with the 2120 bearing the chunk of work. It's logged more than a quarter of its mileage and some cursory checks on the outsole, I think it should be able to hold for another 400K at least before breaking down. I read in the Runners World Forums that many of the folks use up 2 pairs (regardless of brand) of shoes for a marathon training, which is not surprising. If you log 70K a week, a durable trainer which is designed to last 800K will reach end of life in 11 weeks. With the Pegasus standing in, I hope the 2120 will be around until tapering period at least. Will test out the Forsters over a multitude of distances in training as well to gauge its suitability for race day use. Depending on how race-ready I am on June 24th, I'll have 3 pairs of shoes at my disposal.

Other Gear
I've yet to really use the ClimaFIT jacket and cap. I either run in the morning when it rarely rains and evenings are dependent on weather, since I've already got my run in. I've also been going thru my vests/tshirts/shorts and even tights as 6x1.5 (average, since I don't run twice everyday) would equal 9 pieces of apparels per week. I've used the Kayano socks for the first time and it's pretty good. It's will most likely be the pair I'm going to be racing in regardless of the shoe I decide on.



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