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Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Run

I had a solid workout even though it was supposed to be a recovery run. After spending much of the day at the Honda service centre at USJ, I wanted to have a relaxing run. I made the right decision to bring along my laptop to the centre - at least I could get some work done such as correcting the previously posted photos. Due to some inexplicable reasons, the photos hosted out of Yahoo weren't viewable even after I made them public. I suspect it could be due to a competitive thing, Yahoo Photos versus the Google-owned Blogger. After migrating them over to Photobucket, the problem was finally solved.

Back to the run, it started out really easy, but by the second lap, I was already warmed up and was feeling very good. I continued to control my pace but every lap finished at least 10 secs faster. Then I just kicked the final lap to finished in the fastest lap time since I mapped out this new route.The number of laps and distance were exactly the same as yesterday and after reviewing my log, I found that I'd completed the workout 2 minutes faster. TOF was 52 minutes plus change. The plan is another 4 laps tomorrow.

This has to be the best running streak I've managed in a long time plus the most I've ran during any of my previous annual compliance leave. I return to work this Friday, so I've to make sure I make these few days count yet without overdoing it.



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