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Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday Run

After gnashing my teeth watching the MU and Fulham (that was only the 2nd time I watched an EPL game this season - no cable TV!) game the night before with Justin, I decided that I need to de-stress. So I skipped my morning run and opted to hit the roads only at 6:30pm. It was still hot then and coupled with a bit of tiredness, the going was hard. I'd been running 6 days out of 8 and since I'm still in the early stages of coming back, the tired feeling was expected. My target TOF was 1 hour but I stopped at 54 minutes. It was a tiring workout but there were some good patches while out there. All laps were on negative splits of within 10 secs of each preceding lap. I'm presently blogging from the USJ Honda Service Centre and I'm quite far back in the queue. I should be holed up here until 2:30pm after which I've got to do another errand. The plan is for a 40 minute recovery jog today. I reckoned my last week's mileage was about 40+K. It's been encouraging so far but there are lots and lots more to do.

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