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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Dragged myself out of bed this morn for a run with the fellas. I had some foresight to have made this arrangement else I'd have stayed in bed. Since I'd committed to meet them at Bkt Aman, there's no pulling out, even though I was TNSing all the way at the haze enveloping the highway.
I was surprised to find that there weren't many runners at the car park. Perhaps most of them had ran yesterday. After a brief chitchat, Tey, KNN, Li Sar, Choi took off. We ran at a very easy pace, about 6:15 by my estimates. KNN was urging us to run faster but there were no takers. Everyone was contented to go easy and he ended up in front for most of the way. My body started to warm up after the Bkt Tunku climb and it got easier for me. We were passed by Speedy Gonzales John and Adam aka Bobice just before Plaza Damas and everyone except myself were without water, so they were praying that the Petronas Station was opened. Luckily for them, it was, albeit just for awhile as I gathered from Der_Pia Kaki Lai Fong Sang that they closed when he got there, which scuppered his plans for a 30K. A check on the watch showed 1:00.48 which meant that I ran at a good pace.
The return trip was hell - expected really - as I struggled like mad to reach base. I walked a few stretches and took the "low" road bypassing the BNM hill on the way back. I reached the car park in 58 mins but due to my exertion, I wasn't really pleased with myself, even though that judgment may have been too harsh. I spent some time trying on the Triumph and Trigon that Choi brought along and I was very pleasantly surprised by the feel of those shoes. I felt like walking/jogging on pillows compared to my Pegasus. The Trigon's forefoot especially were very very good. I've made a booking for the Ride version (Choi brought the Guide stability version) as I don't require the medial post. I've to say that the Triumph felt good too - very plush albeit runs 1 size smaller than usual (so make sure you buy a size larger for this model).
When I got home, Carbokid presented me with a present. Here it is, with its wrapper. Looks like a fuel guzzler:
Looking pretty pleased with himself with his gift

Carbokid shot during a recent wedding dinner.
I was totally pooped and knocked out in front of the sofa after downing 3 slices of toast and showering. Lunch was late - Carbokid couldn't stay awake for the journey there and promptly doze off - at Marco's Pizza (along the LDP opposite the Kelana station) and they were showing a repeat of the MUFC-LFC game. The pizza was so-so but the roast chicken with herbs was good. I shall go back again to try its highly rated pasta another time.
I'd like to thank the fellas who SMS'd/posted their B'day wishes, in no order: Ryan Teoh, Rohaizad, AhPek, Ronnie, Cindy, Lai Fong Sang, Sim, Dinesh, SenHeng Electrical Store. Not forgetting the fellas who provided me company this morn, on the run and back at the car park - Choi, John and Wai Mun, KNN, Li Sar, Adam, Lawrence, Tey.


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