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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Help Is On The Way

Gotenborg, Sweden. Burdened with the responsibility of being a good global citizen, Swedish scientists have come up with the prototype of a wearable breathing apparatus specially designed for runners. Although the prototype has yet to be unveiled to the public, sources revealed that the product is modelled after the popular hydration belt called Fuelbelt.
It's chief designer, Dr Nordstrom said that OxyBelt is to fill the need of elite athletes who are hampered by poor air quality. "Not all athletes train in idyllic locations and we see in poorer and developing countries that these athletes are actually facing lots of enviromental challenges. As a runner I know what they are going through," Dr Nordstrom, a 2:35 marathoner said.
The plan is to market OxyBelt in 4 and 6-bottle models and the specially designed elasticated belt that is used to secure the 4.8oz bottles ensures that there is minimal bounce experienced by the wearer. The bottles are then connected to the runner via a long wearing tube which is then connected to a facial mask. Clips ensure that the tube does not tangle with arms movement.
Since aluminium is light and hard wearing, and air is virtually weightless, the entire unit will also be very lightweight.
The bottles carrying breathable oxygen are refillable via O2 Stations. Details, however, are sketchy at the moment on the refuelling stations. "Once we close this issue on the O2 Stations, we will then be able to mass market OxyBelt. We are considering every option there is, including franchising the O2 Stations business. We are alo in design phase the product website." Nordstrom added.


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