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Monday, October 23, 2006

Thanks For The Present!

I've not watched a live EPL match for more than a year. I've long since cancelled my Astro subscription as with the gym membership, they're sort of like paying installments for something which you don't even own in the end. This period coincided with the transition the MUFC was and still in undergoing. Since yesterday's game was played early and it was just 2 days to my 36th, I was curious enough to find out if they have a present for me. With the rain pouring outside I took a short drive to a nearby mamak where every customer had nothing to eat save a glass of drink on their table (which amazingly lasted the entire 2 hours!). Well, better than not having customers right? Hmmm.

Now, I may sound like I just returned from the jungle, but let me tell you how fantastic the team (the real red one of course!) played. I've not seen the new boys kicked a ball before and the first half were absolutely exhilarating! One touch football, neat flicks and dummies - they were putting the fellas in yellow to the sword. Gerrard was not seeing much of the ball - tactical error to play him on the wing methinks. I thought Carrick played with the spirit of pia. Wearing the No.16 isn't an easy thing to do and with his up and downfield running, rushing back to cover the defenders, I'm sure a certain new manager would be proud. The old boys led by example (Giggs had a really good game) and the defence wasn't really tested. If I've to pick the weakest defender last night, it was Neville, and that's speaking a lot about how well the rest were doing! With Ji-Sung, Heinze and Ronaldo still not 100% well, this squad seems to be finally having some depth.

The game domination was so much that when the Ginger-haired fella scored (all Riise could do was to appeal for a non-existent off-side), everyone was applauding, even the Indons which made 80% of the mamak's customers. Even they recognize the better team. Thanks for the good stuff fellas, keep it up!

Boss, make mine a teh halia!

Boss, satu lagi roti telor!


  • Dr. may I be the first one to wish you a very happy birthday if your wife and kid have not done so already!

    It's 1am now and I've just finished another long day. Been awake since 4am (yesterday) for my Nuang trip with Tey and Peter and I just came home now from a dinner.

    Shall write about it in my blog once I get enough rest... but I won't be joining you guys tomorrow for your birthday run, I really need to sleep in and my knees hurt as well, not to mention some serious chaffing in between the thighs.

    Catch you later and have a great day!

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 1:18 AM  

  • dr: happy birthday.Pia always

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 AM  

  • that was me as anonymous

    By Blogger apekpg, at 3:32 AM  

  • happy birthday to u....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM  

  • Happy Birthday.. Jamie.
    Wah! Veteran category already...

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:35 AM  

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