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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Der_Pacemakers Network Run 2006

To celebrate Der_Pacemakers' diversity, many members and friends came together this hazy morning to run a 6-lapper around Lake Gardens. Everyone had great fun and the S3 had its first opportunity to be put into a real trial, with a mix bag of results, if I may say so. As the runners toiled around the lake, Runwitme and I were busy scoping out the best shooting locations. Some of my compositions worked well while some didn't. The sports mode was good enough to capture the fast shots but they seemed to produce results that showed some "noise". I'll have to learn up the manual mode to get sharp action shots.
After the completion of the run, the large group tucked into bananas and a birthday cake (a pleasant surprise to celebrate the Oct Birthday Kids) while trading running stories and jokes. Then came the prize giving and group photo. I was to receive another surprise - the car had been "carpet bombed" by a band of pigeons perched on the lamp post. I had to subject it to a second wash in 2 days! Below are some of my fave shots. For more, hit this link (207 photos). Comments most welcomed on the shots.

Couldn't resist this shot. Not often you see the trees lit.
Stopped my car by the national mosque.

2 sequential shots. The 2nd one could be better if it was less sky.
Camera was close to the road level.
This one's average only as I couldn't find a better backdrop.
Arty farty compo. Just noticed the jutting flower and snapped it on a whim.
I've always like compos that don't always reveal everything.
Element of Effort. Putting the subject off-center adds a bit of drama to the shot
Agony of Hard Effort. This is a chance result. Could've been better if I
got the whole face to the right of the frame.
The token group photo - not shot by me.


  • Cinya TKL! Posted 208 photos into Yahoo photos, took me 8 hrs and now I can't access all my photo albums! What are they trying to do to me, huh? Huh? Huh?!

    By Blogger Carboman, at 9:49 PM  

  • Yes, it goes to my album instead. what happened?, and btw how did you manage to put a picture in your blog header. can advise how to do it???

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 10:26 PM  

  • CCube: Just found out why Yahoo was crawling. They were upgrading their photo albums. Now cinya dahsyat wan. http://new.photos.yahoo.com/ - check it out. All your photos should be intact.

    To answer your question on the banner, go here:



    Pls note that I'm asking DK to help with the alignment as you can see its a bit out.

    By Blogger Carboman, at 9:35 AM  

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