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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And Finally...

...the project I've been working on is concluded. The system cutover, the business had their product launched and I can get back to getting a bit of life back. And the running too I hope. I've broken the news of my intention to race the Penang Bridge Run - the marathon category of course - at the end of July and the PJ Half marathon a month before that as a primer.
Racing in Penang is an experience I've not had the opportunity to do since many many years ago (more than 10 actually). The Penang Bridge Run even though by far the most popular race in the country with between 9,000 to 11,000 participants has had to endure an uncertain sense of existence over the recent years. With the increasing traffic between the island and the mainland, the authorities have found it difficult to close the bridge to traffic for the duration of the race. Throw in some political reasons (per rumour) and runners are the ones to miss this event. It's pretty obvious why the event is popular. You have an island holiday destination and the 3rd longest bridge in the region, add a well organized event and a chance to get some pretty good food before and after the race, what's not to like?
My first Penang Bridge Run was completed on a challenge from my father who said that there's no chance in me completing the 22.3K event. I completed it in 2:08 and that was my debut half marathon race. Since then because of my entering the rat race, I've had only another chance to run it. Since then there's been the full marathon category introduced as well. However I've never had the chance to revisit the race. Just when I was ready for it, the organizers did a Houdini act and the event disappeared for 2 years.
Well, this year, I'm not going to let it go and I'm going for the full course, my 7th full marathon. I'll pull myself back to the KLCC park next Monday to hit some rounds and hopefully some semblence of training will return to my life. I've asked PM19 to join me and his remark that he will find it hard to keep up with me is absolutely flattering, and I find that hard to believe. I doubt that I'll ever get to run as much as I did for my last 2 marathons.


  • Full marathon.....Hmmmmm, let me think about it. Its 3+ months away.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 2:57 PM  

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