p pol The Adventures of Carboman: Bebe

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Bebe is the ruthless and totally immoral agent whom Frasier believes is the Devil. She's always been able to get the best deals for her clients and has been trying to get Frasier under her management ever since the station was bought over and the employees' contracts came under threat of the new management.
[Bebe enters the men's room on Café Nervosa]
Bebe: Frasier, we have to talk.
Frasier: Are you aware that you are in the men's room?
Bebe: Oh, please, if I paid attention to signs with little pictures on them - I would never get a parking space.

Bebe: I've been to hell and back so often I've got frequent flyer miles!

[the station has hired a tough negotiator, "The Hammer" to renegotiate everyone's contract. Gil's salary has been slashed, but Bebe comes in with Roz, cheering]
Gil Chesterson: How on earth did you get all that?
Bebe: Oh, we go way back, the Hammer and I. I know where the bodies are buried.
Bebe: Usually, that's just a metaphor...

Niles: Oh, dear, don't turn around. It's that dreadful woman who works for you.
Frasier: Who?
Niles: Um... Lady Macbeth without the sincerity.
Frasier: Oh! Oh, Bebe's here! Now listen, Niles, I care for her just as little as you do, but she is a terrific agent, which is why I overlook the fact that she's pushy and obnoxious and the most appalling phony I've ever known.
[turns around]
Frasier: Bebe, darling, how are you?


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