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Sunday, February 05, 2006

2nd (Or Was It The 3rd?) 30K

OK I admit the title was unusual but it's been an unusual morning to say the least. With this week's mileage down the drain, I started this morning's 30K with some trepidation. In what style will I be dragging my sorry butt back to the car park? But yet again I found myself running strongly. The 1st 10K was completed in a languid 1:02, while the next 10 was surprisingly fast - below 50 mins (1:52). Then I was held up for about 3 1/2 mins in the queue paying for the drinks. The last 10 felt bad but somehow I still covered it in less than an hour. Saw quite a few fellas - Shahrom pacing with Cecil, Azwar with the tri gang, Ah Toh leading the fast pack, Jessica who had come out of her hibernation and Li Sar whose lunch pasta (plus my dinner of 1/3 bowl of Tomyam Noodles, 1 packet of Thai Fried Rice, 3 sticks of satay, 2 pieces of pastry) could've contributed to my rather unusual run.

I dread tomorrow. After a week's rest for the festivities, it back to the grind. At least there'll be greater consistency in my training, a critical phase this is. The next 3 Sundays will hopefully be 35Ks before entering the tapering period.


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