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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Plagued With Problems

In the grand scheme of things, my problem is a non-issue. What is a muscular strain compared to world hunger? But I'm still pretty anxious. You see the muscle at the back of the knee connecting the calves are very very sore. Such post-race soreness are usually gone within 2 days but now it's into its 4th day. With the PJ Half just around the corner, I'm in 2 minds yet again. Last week it was my fever and this time it's the dang muscle. In a greater picture, how would I cope with a shrinking window of training before the SG Marathon? There isn't much time left taken into account the 3-week tapering period. Which is why I've decided to skip the Shah Alam 10K in hope of putting in longer runs. Realistically I have 1.5 months to ramp my mileage up to 70K of which some 35Ks are done on Sundays. These are desperate times indeed.


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