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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back To Work...The Enjoyable Kind

Went for a short workout yesterday. Had braced myself for an energy sapping workout in the blazing heat but it turned out all right. Just as I finished lacing up, Kenneth and Draco Loong popped up around the corner. Immediately I eased into their slipstream. Kenneth said they were running at 7:30 pace which I completely didn't believe. A lap later, my doubts were confirmed - my estimate was nearly spot on. No way I could slow down then. On and on and I was enjoying the leg work again after 2 weeks of pigging out on my Mom's cooking. My nasal passage immediately cleared - been struggling with congestion lately - which served to underline the importance of continued activity. I reviewed my lap times at the end and was glad that the 2 weeks' stagnation didn't really eat into my speed. Now to really get my endurance level up again before Putrajaya! 19 days left!

7:14 > 6:55 > 6:54 > 6:18
Total time: 27:24


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