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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Trying, Very Hard, To Look On The Bright Side

Ever the optimist, I found myself up against the wall to come up with a list of positive things to write about this haze. Below are those that I can think of. If you've more, you're most welcome to add to the comments.

- Extension of the Mega Sale
- "Working in the clouds" impression
- Sales in pirated DVDs will escalate since folks will want to remain indoors
- In true spirit of "Malaysia Boleh" we've joined the ranks of the most polluted nations in the world
- We may get to host the Global Conference of The League of The Most Polluted Nations
- Our endurance athletes will get to train in the oxygen deprived environment as the Africans
- Our complexion will become fairer as the sun rays will not penetrate the cloud of miniscule dust
- Cheaper air tickets
- Smokers will save on having to buy their cancer sticks. They just need to step outside
- Humans will develop sonar ability, much like the bats, to navigate in the muck outside. And yes, our ears will also grow larger much like the bats
- AP means more than just Approved Permits. It also means Air Pollution


  • - Manufacturers of air-conditioners see their sales jump a whopping 200% overnight.

    - Certain politicians and fat cat Datuks suddenly invest heavily in companies that manufacture air-conditioners.

    - Rafidah starts distributing APs to maunfacture air-conditioner thus taking a bit of "heat" away from the other AP issue.

    - Change catch phrase to "Malaysia Boleh... Bernafas?"

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