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Monday, August 08, 2005

Haile's Track Menu

I've reached the very engrossing parts of Haile's book. Since this commodity is so precious to me, I shan't be able to loan (do forgive my selfishness) or worse, photocopy the book for you. However, I'll share with you some notable sections from the book. Here's one showing a sample track menu dished out by his coach. Mind you these are run as part of the day's workout. There would've been an early morning run before the track and/or another evening run.

1. 4 mile (6K) tempo as a warmup
2. 1,200m X 4 - all run in 2:55
3. 800m X 4 - all run sub 2 mins
4. 400m X 4 - 55 secs
5. Gentle cool down

It doesn't mean that if you're an elite, your workouts will be any easier.


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