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Monday, August 08, 2005

Don't Blame Nature!

A widely circulated daily is still claiming that the cause of the current hazy conditions are due to fires in Sumatra, the dry weather and the South-West Monsoon. In the minds of the politicians (the meteorologists ) the question to the problem is always related to nature. "Why can't it rain when we need it?", "Aiya, you South-West Monsoon, why do you keep blowing?" instead of the more appropriate "Let's make those bastards pay!", "Let's see how the 2 countries can work more closely to tackle this matter". From the way the public is being informed, the South-West Monsoon seemed to be perpetual and occur throughout the year as it's always blamed for the haze. And the rain is either always too much to too little. When it comes down too little, it's blamed for the drought such as in Seremban - it's never about proactively detecting potential issues. When it pours, it's blamed for the flash floods - it's never about providing adequate and efficient drainage system or punishing those who throw rubbish into the drains. It's never to do with the arrogant, greedy and self centred humans - from the lowly ignorant planters and their unscrupulous businessmen bosses who burn the land right up to corrupt government officials.

Now, though, the "haze" word is being challenged for the word-du-jour status by "AP" but that's another issue.


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