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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Long Run

I completed my first 20K in months today, much to my relieve. I've been attempting to gradually shift my weekly mileage higher and higher again in anticipation of the coming long races in Q4 this year. This run will also help stress the legs out easing into higher mileage . In some ways I'm looking forward to test myself out on a couple of 21Ks just to see where I stand. I've not run a single halves this year.

So while some fanatics are racing in Melaka and PD today, I showed Simon the Hartamas route. He's a little familiar with KL having been here a few times before. After picking him up from Jalan Sultan Ismail, we headed to the Bukit Aman car park where Munning was already there. After a short chat, the 2 of us took off at a very easy pace. The morning was really cool and I was glad to find that the Jalan Duta intersection has been reopened - the flyover is completed but still unopened. So some care is still required to cross the road safely. Most of the way I ran slightly in front and we chatted little. I guess we really wanted to conserve energy.

Reached Hartamas with no problems and after a hydration break, we set back. Either I was running faster or Simon was practicing his race pace, he fell further back but I always waited for him. By the time we reached the Bank Negara junction we parted ways as he ran/walked back to his apartment located behind the Shangri-La Hotel. He said the route is quite challenging but nice for training and that he's looking forward to running there again. And in case you happen to see a 6 foot Caucasian running at the KLCC Park at about 7pm or so, carrying a small backback, chances are that'll be Simon. Remember to say "Hi!".


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