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Friday, July 15, 2005

A New Friend

Through the Internet, I now have another friend in running. Simon is a Londoner but is in KL for a medium term assignment. He had worked in Hong Kong for 9 years and Singapore for 2. A few weeks ago Simon wrote in to the Pacesetters email checking on the running scene here in KL and I thought he'd reached the right place.

We made arrangements to meet at the KLCC Park on a wet Friday evening and the rain had slowed to a drizzle when I got to the park. I had only my ClimaFIT cap on and after lacing my shoes and didn't see Simon at the agreed spot, I set off. As it turned out, Simon was waiting in the shade just a couple of yards ahead.

We chatted quite a bit and I learnt that he's currently training for an ultra-race across the desert in Egypt in September - a 240K trek across carrying noting but own supplies without a crew!! If you were running with us at that time you would've seen my jaw dropped. Simon prefers cross country than road running and personally I think he's more of the adventure racer type. It's really a remarkable thing that he's attempting to do this September. To put the distance in perspective, his race is longer than Badwater (135 miles - 216K) and even more extreme as he will be crewless (Badwater racers had crews attending to them) and will need to navigate by compass. I suspect Simon is a trained ex-SAS or British Special Forces operator!

Our laps went by quickly in the cool weather and he decided to call it a day after the 5th while I continued on for another lap. The meeting aside, it had been a most enjoyable run. I hardly felt any fatigue and my legs were fresh to the point that I was looking forward to the 20K (my first in months!) with Simon this Sunday.

8:16 > 7:50 > 7:44 > 7:37 > 7:17 > 6:40
Total time: 45:26
Average lap: 7:34


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