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Friday, July 29, 2005

Misc Updates

Been out of the blogging world lately as many things have been going on at the same time. So much so that I've not run in exactly a week. If you've been following my blog, my Mom dropped by for a visit with a bagful of stuff from the States - a couple of DVDs for Carbo Kid and a book for me. Her visit is to also "look after" my wife who was in for a minor surgery to remove a lump from her breast. The surgery itself was a small thing - a 30-minute procedure and she was discharged the very next day. The tissue sample will then be lab tested at length for any cancerous element. Chances are the lump is benign, meaning it's harmless. On the flipside, malignant would mean cancerous. My Mom is basically preparing all the nutritious food for my wife and the rest of us. It's great to have her around again. She will be returning to the States for her final 6-month nanny stint next January after which she will return for good. If any of you are on the lookout for a good midwife for your planned offspring from August '06 onwards, look no further for an experienced person in my Mom. Afterall, she's been to London, the States, Japan, Singapore and the local states to do specially this.
I've been busy setting up the notebook, installing some applications and doing up the various settings. A very tedious affair considering my old clone desktop is on the verge of failing - it kept freezing up. I've got to send it for reformatting as well as some maintenance by a vendor as I've no way of backing up the data on the CD-Writer. The frigging Nokia PC Suite literally screwed every damn thing up.
When I returned from my leave, I found that my office PC upgrade was incomplete. For nearly a day, I was incapacitated, unable to work. Even before the PC was brought to life, I was also caught up with a major meeting which ate up half of my day. That very night, Carbo Kid had a sleepless night apparently distressed by some nightmares. I must've had only 4 hours of sleep.
Only today, some semblence of routine returned to my life and I'm able to resume some blogging. I've got my Klang 10K bib from Tey (my gratitude goes out to him for facilitating the collection and distribution) but once again, I'm not sure how my race will turn out with a week's inactivity. Well, I'll just run I guess! Incidentally this will be the final race before I turn my full attention to training for longer distances. Yup, it's time again to bring on the halves and THE full!
I may bring the clan out for some shopping tomorrow. But I'm also toying with the idea of driving up to Genting for some fresh air - a bit of altitude experience before Sunday's crunch.


  • Hey Carbo Man,

    WAnt to wish Mrs. Carbo speedy recovery from the surgery!!

    Good luck for Klang!

    I'm not sure if I'll do Singapore this year. I might be involved in the Penang Jazz Festival on the 3rd and 4th of December this year! So I'm torn... aarrhh...

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 4:57 AM  

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