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Monday, July 25, 2005

Busy Few Days

Weekend was OK if at bit hectic - lots of running here and there. By Sunday evening I was pooped but still managed to clear up some ironing backlog. I've yet to wrap up my precious book - just didn't have the time coz hey, I don't use the usual wrapper. I tend to lean towards the self adhesive type, so this can't be hurried lest you get creases and air bubbles when putting the wrapper on.

The delivery guy just passed me my notebook just now and I'm busy installing softwares and copying files over to it. This is my first notebook and it'll definitely add to my out-of-office productivity.

Lunch was the simple but delectable Jalan Bandar beef ball noodles. On my way there after cancelling the phone line to my old apartment, I popped by a used bookstore and enquired about running books. Most of the stuff they have there are priceless. I spotted a 12-book colelction written by Churchill on the WWII campaigns. Each costs RM48 (mind you this is 2nd hand)! OK back to running books. I was pleased as punch that they have a good condition Running with Legends by Michael Sandrock! The Kinokuniya sticker was still there showing the original price of RM80++. It was sold to me at RM50! After reading it a few months ago (it was PM19's "bible"), I was tempted to grab the last copy at Kino, so thankfully I opted to wait. 2 fantastic running books acquired within a week! Does it get any better? This Sunday will be the Klang 10K. Maybe it will get even better for me heh?


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