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Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Run

Against my better judgment, I went for the volunteers' run on Sunday. This was a substitute run specially for volunteers, club EXCO as well as those who missed the actual event. My body was still racked with illness and it's still some ways before I recover fully.

I've been coughing and struggling with lethargy and the doctor told me that it was because of a throat infection. Having completed the antibiotics course, I was sufficiently better to consider running that morning. I really left it to the last minute as I'd inform Ajeep that I won't be making it.

After chatting up Tey, the Penguins, Newton, Cheong, Ben and Ajeep, we were set off. I couldn't help myself from settling into my 10K race pace and found myself among the first 7 runners up the double hill section. After which my lack of fitness told and I started to drop back further and further until reduced to a walk. Having vomited thrice didn't help as the action literally took my breath away. Mostly air, phlegm and mucus - nothing particularly serious.

With no more juice left in me, I just jogged and walked all the way back to the car park once I exited the Salahuddin section. A short while later a few of us walked to the Lake Gardens traffic lights to cheer the Bomba Run runners, in particular Ronnie and Chen. To "encourage" them to run faster we shouted that they still needed to overtake 4 more runners to make Top-50 (medal contention). Ronnie looked as if he was maxed out but Chen astoundingly showed that he had an extra gear and with an amazed/shocked/panicked look on his face, bolted forward to catch the front runner. We had a good laugh!

As for me, no running until this Saturday's Pacemaker Anniversary Run!


  • Take a good rest and get well soon. See you on the PAR.

    By Blogger John, at 10:32 AM  

  • Take it easy man and you will be OK. See you at the PAR.

    By Anonymous Penguin 2, at 8:50 AM  

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