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Monday, May 02, 2005

Buy Of The Century

It's a ritual for us to have lunch at the Kinta City Shopping Mall in Ipoh when on our way back from Penang. It's not far off

the highway and has a variety of stuff there, with Jusco as a main tenant. And I always kept an eye on the Universal Traveller (UT) shop. You may know that this company has outlets in many shopping malls but this one in Ipoh sells Asics. So this outlet has my special interest.

I've not worn an Asics running shoe for years (at least 7). One of the reasons is price (usually exceeding RM400 for a technical model), the other is due to brand direction. You see, Asics tend to produce shoes that cater to those needing medial support (which is not my requirement). Therefore I've not had the experience of running in the popular GT-20xx series, nor had I the chance to try out their new technologies such as the SpEVA® midsole, Trusstic System® to shore the midfoot. My discarded pairs of Asics dated back to early year 2000, such as Gel-110 and Gel-Lyte 125.

So it was with curiosity that I spotted the UT shop with posters reading "Asics Clearance!" on it's windows. I walked right in and my jaw dropped. Running shorts were going for RM10. T-Shirts, vests, and other apparels and bags were sold between RM20 to RM50! Then there were the shoes. Not many were left, mostly football boots, spikes and trail ones.

But there were 2 models of running ones. The Gel 1070 and Gel Cumulus V. The 1070 had size US9.5 (which I wear) and the Cumulus V, US9. Before I tell you how much they were sold, let me tell you that the 1070 is a stability model (a relative of 20xx series) and the Cumulus a cushioning model in the mold of the Pegasus, but with better forefoot cushion. I've been waiting to get the Pegasus to replace the NB753 (on death throes now) as my primary marathon racing shoe, but now as fate would have it, this one comes along. Both very down to the last pair and they were showroom set. Therefore, 1 side is slightly dirtier (but not scruffed nor out/midsole worn out) than the other side which stayed in the box.

I tried the Cumulus and though it's a 9, it felt OK. No problems if the socks were the thin Nike ones that I have. Before I handed over my credit card, my wife asked, "Don't you have enough shoes?". I pretended I didn't hear her and paid. Why? Because the price was just RM59!

Here's how it looks like!

Some reviews of the various versions of Cumulus:
Running Times Running Network Runner's World


  • HOLY SHIT!!! RM59?!?!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

    By Anonymous PM26, at 10:27 AM  

  • Congrats on your purchase. RM59 is bloody cheap. But trust me, Gel Cumulus have always been a best seller in US as they have good forefoot and rearfoot cushioning. You are hearing from someone whom currently owns Gel Cumulus VI which I went all the way to S'pore just to get one. They are absolutely the best cushioning shoes I have ever worn up till now, except the fact that I paid RM300 for this pair :-p

    By Anonymous pm25, at 12:19 PM  

  • Am very jealous too, man! Hopefully I'll be as lucky as you one of these days. At this point though I'm seriously considering the Pegasus 2004. Wonder how it compares to the 2003 model.

    By Blogger pm19, at 3:44 PM  

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