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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Immigration Office, Telekom and Ikea

We've been moving stuff over to the new place for the past 1 week. Our small car can only take a few boxes and packages at a time. Since the curtains and some fittings were not yet in place, we didn't want to bring over too many stuff for the obvious security reasons.

Reached the Immigration Office (Wilayah Complex branch) at 7:15am and already a long queue was forming. What time did these people wake up? The touts were busy chatting people up to fleece them. For RM20, they'll slot you in at the front of the queue. I snubbed them but was later victimize when they slotted a bewildered but sweet woman in her early 30s in front of me. Apparently she just returned from overseas and was conned into doing this. She was apologetic enough. She got number 38 in the queue while I was 39. Then the bloody system had to go down and we had to wait until 8:35am, by which time I'd finished with the entire Star newspaper, before they could process the first application. Once the system came up, the numbers whizzed by. Soon enough I'd paid the RM300 and hurried out of the place.

The next place I visited was worse. There was just 4 persons in the queue at the Kedai Telekom at Bukit Mahkamah but it them the lumbering clerks to call me. If you see how these people work, the more impatient customer would have walked up and slapped them. Apparently the phone exchange is not yet up at my housing estate but will be soon. In any case, I completed my registration and will pay up only when the exchange is ready.

Next, I was at Ikea to get another CD rack - had run out of space for my collection. Then grabbed a couple more smaller stuff for the kitchen and headed for the new place to drop them off. On the way, I finalized the curtain delivery for tomorrow. It's gonna be a packed day tomorrow. All in quick succession:

- Final touchups by the wet works contractors
- Installation of airconds
- Followup visit by the anti-termite fellas
- Installation of the curtains

With the hectice schedule, need to keep hydrated and energy level up with enough carbs and protein.


  • gov should hire them bouncers to bounce them touts

    By Anonymous PM26, at 9:04 AM  

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