p pol The Adventures of Carboman: Last Minute Rush to Penang

Monday, May 02, 2005

Last Minute Rush to Penang

After rushing home from the time trial, we were off to the new home for an extensive cleaning job. It was a hot day and after 4 hours of toiling, the place looked more presentable. We were pooped and our hands were blistered. And then we have a phone call from my Dad-in-Law who said that my Mom-in-Law has been hospitalized to remove some liver stones. I'd thought that there were only kidney and bladder stones existed and not liver stones. Anyway, we left Carbokid at the nanny's and shot back to Penang by car. We left KL at 7pm but due to the long weekend, the stretch of highway before Tanjung Malim were freaking jammed up. By the time we reached and had something to stave off the hunger, it was 1am.


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