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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tiring 2 Weeks

I'm tired and it's not because of running. In fact over the last 2 weeks, the only running I've done was on last Thursday, when I logged 9 odd Ks.

It wasn't even due to the longer drive I've had to make since I moved. Rather it was because of the amount of stress I've had to cope with taking care of the loose ends for the new place. From home security to sorting out the boxes, carrying loads of stuff up the stairs, setting up the freaking indoor TV antenna (and failing at it!), figuring out the timer, writing out the numerous change of address notices, application of new phone line, renting out the apartment car park, posting out a notice of rental for the apartment and sourcing for a nursery/playschool for Carbo Kid.

Couple all those with having to catch up at work with a handful of critical timelines, I'm pretty worn out. I've since decided that I'll need the ugly outdoor TV antenna which I'll get installed this Thursday. Also I've got to start working on the Bangkok itinerary for my colleagues.

On a lighter note, I had a good time watching "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" last night where the crazy Rob Schneider plays a "man-whore". With all the heavy issues weighing me down, the 2 hours of unwinding did me real good. I miss my running. Hopefully I'll be able to slot in a couple of runs - I already have a 5K race slotted in Bangkok but that'll be more for experience.

Luckily for me, there isn't many races in the horizon, with both Ipoh and Penang opting out of the marathon. I intend to skip Ipoh, so Penang will be my next major race in August. Before that, I'll have some fun in the adidas PACM 4x3K in July as well as the Subang Jaya 10K in early June. PJ Half Marathon comes in September followed by Seremban Half Marathon. The year will close with the Singapore Marathon in December. I may or may not race the Power Run next month.

That's my update for now. Till the next time, happy running!


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